I’ve Been Tagged! 10 Random Facts About Me

Dragon & Unicorn Moon ~ Credit Cora Lee Healy aka khorah of DeviantArt.com

I’ve been tagged? Uh oh! Am I in trouble? What’d I do now? What the heck does that mean? Good gravy! She’s my friend & I hope I didn’t offend her somehow. Yeah. Leave it to me to have those be the first thoughts that popped into my mind. That notoriously rude ‘self-doubt monster’ rears its ugly head again, as usual. So, sledgehammer in hand in preparation to knock the monster on its silly head & apologize if I had, in fact, hurt my friend’s feelings, I marched off through the links to find out what I’d done.

Oh my goodness. It’s a game? All that angst was over a bit of blog-hopping writing kinship & fun? By the time I was finished reading what ‘Tagged from Me to You’ was all about, I was laughing so hard at myself over the silliness of my initial thoughts, the now unnecessary self-doubt monster slaying sledgehammer slipped from my grasp, landing on the virtual floor of my mind with a distinct thud. It probably would’ve served me right if it had, instead, landed on a toe as punishment for consistently allowing thoughts of fear or self-doubt play first.

Now here’s how all that got started. You see, last month while I was in the midst of desperately trying to sort through how best to drag myself out of a horrible month-long blogging slump, a lovely & quite artistic blogger/writer friend of mine, Ozlem Yikici, had been tagged by her friend for this bit o’ writing fun. Subsequently, she tagged me & two others to play along by sharing ten random facts about ourselves. Nervous as the thought makes me—I really tend to become quite skittish writing autobiographical things—Ozlem’s a genuine sweetheart & I’m grateful she thinks enough of me to want to know more about me—let alone thinking you all may want to know more about me—so I’ve decided to play. By the way, she has a terrific blog & an even more terrific heart, so you’ll want to check out her delightful little slice of the ‘blogosphere’ whenever you’re finished here.

So here goes. Ten random facts you may not already know about me.

  1. I still believe in unicorns, dragons, & the like. Why? Because I feel that if one loses the belief in the possibility of magic, any shred of innocence one had left will be forever lost.
  2. I’m no connoisseur of art by any stretch of the imagination—just not enough field trips to the Detroit Institute of Arts as a kid, I suppose. However, my favorite artists are—in no particular order—Luis Royo, Olivia De Berardinis, Sue Dawe, Auguste Rodin, Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo.
  3. When I was in first grade, I longed to be a paleontologist when I grew up & had firmly decided that I would reconstruct the fossilized skeletons I discovered in Mom & Dad’s basement which naturally would require them to allow me to cut a hole through the upper levels of the house & the roof. They played along like the amazing parents they are & let me believe they’d be allowing me to carve up the family home when I grew up & achieved this dream. To this day, I still find dinosaurs fascinating—I actually got misty-eyed in the opening scenes of Jurassic Park, my favorite fossilized creature is a trilobite, & I yearn to one day own a piece of amber jewelry that actually contains a visible insect—an insect that very well may have seen my beloved dinosaurs.
  4. My favorite color is electric blue—more specifically airport runway light blue as beautifully depicted in this photo by Stan Drennan of 29k Productions.
  5. My favorite books of all time are The Earth’s Children series by Jean M. Auel. I read “Clan of the Cave Bear” & “Valley of Horses” at such a young age that my significant other, once he’d finished reading the series, says he can see a substantial amount of Ayla, the main character throughout the series, in my personality. I’ll take that as a huge compliment, thank you very much. 😉
  6. I think goats are positively adorable & have a small collection of goat items—figurines, stuffed animals, & such. I decided they were cute when I was around 15 years old & saw a little herd of baby goats—okay, I know they’re called ‘kids’, but there’s a difference here to me—bouncing, romping, & playing all over a huge pile of hay as though it were a trampoline up north by the cabin our family owned while I was growing up.
  7. I have no human children of my own, but I’m relatively content with our wonderful family of ‘CritterKids’—most of whom were rescued from some type of situation in which they were unwanted, neglected, abandoned, stray, or abused. To me, they are my children. I realize there are those who think that’s insane—so be it. When it comes right down to it, though, they are really no different than human children—in fact, they’ll depend on me as their ‘Mom’ for everything throughout their lives & they’re much less ‘portable’, whereas most human children eventually grow up & become self-reliant. Just a little food for thought for those out there who would criticize people who view their pets as their kids/family.
  8. After having been a complete ‘serial killer’ of any unfortunate plant related to the orchid family—my favorite flower—for several years, I finally figured out how to successfully keep orchids alive & thriving. I can even get them to bloom again. I relish the fact that I even got one of them—a gorgeous dendrobium, the color such a deep burgundy velvet that it appears nearly black from some angles—to bloom again that the nursery that sold it to me said would never happen without a professional type tropical greenhouse.
  9. While I’m relatively sure it’s against the ‘rules’ & I probably shouldn’t have done so, about seven years ago I was completely mystified & awe-struck when one of the manatees at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium put its nose up over the edge of the glass enclosure while I was standing there thoroughly enraptured by them—almost as though it was just as curious about me as I was about it—that I stretched up on my tip-toes & petted its bristly whiskered snout. The human-animal connection I felt in my soul in that brief moment is virtually indescribable. Recalling the phenomenally spiritual emotion of moments such as this one still mists up my eyes to this very day.
  10.  Walking barefoot on the beaches of or swimming in any of the Great Lakes—although my 2 favorites are Lake Superior & Lake Michigan—is pure therapy from the Great Spirit & Mother Nature to me. Squishing my toes as deep as I can into the cool, pleasantly heavy wet sand as the waves swirl around my ankles & calves while feeling the breeze caress my face makes me feel so spiritually connected to the entire splendor that is this planet we call home.

There you have them. Ten random facts about me. With so many wonderful friendships I’ve made so far in my blogging adventures, I have to say that choosing who I’d tag was difficult. So even if you weren’t tagged but would like to play (it actually helps with writer’s block, truth be told), feel free & be sure to let me know because I’d absolutely love to learn more about all of you.

Tag! You’re it! I’ve tagged Mary Ann Peden-Coviello because she is an incredible writer, is extremely interesting, & I’m so happy that the Twitterverse blessed me with such a wonderful friend. She’s probably going to kick my hiney for tagging her, too. 😉 Next up is LizzieBeth because not only has her upbeat & supportive personality helped me regain a more positive outlook on things, but because her blog is simply awesome. As though she weren’t interesting enough already with her compelling short stories that leave one craving more & her cheering on of others, she has excellent guest bloggers on her site regularly & I’ve ‘met’ some really neat authors on there. I’m so glad to be blessed by her friendship. Last, but certainly not least, we have Donna K. Fitch who has quickly become another wonderful friend & introduced me to her very intriguing friend, Aisling. Donna’s blog posts are insightful & honest, just as she is. She & Aisling also somehow totally understand my ‘squirrels’ & have had me in stitches this past week laughing about them rather than cursing them which is definitely a blissful change of pace.

Please visit the blogs of all those I’ve tagged as they’re all really excellent people & don’t forget to visit Ozlem who tagged me first. Trust me. You won’t be sorry you ‘met’ any of these fabulous individuals.

Dendrobium Orchid I Was Told Wouldn't Bloom Again Without A Greenhouse ~ In Bloom Again 10/02/2010

As always, your thoughts are appreciated. Blessed Be. ~ Cari ~


7 responses to “I’ve Been Tagged! 10 Random Facts About Me

  1. Cari, #3 had me in stitches! I’m going to be giggling about that one for the rest of the day ; – > You are such a multi-faceted, wonderful person. Thank you for sharing your inner workings with us. There’s something about peeking beneath layers that brings us closer & helps us appreciate a person on a much deeper level…

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  3. I feel honored to be mentioned in the blog of someone I just met! And that is one gorgeous orchid. I hope someday soon to have a yard where I can grow lovely plants like that.

  4. Oh Cari! How do you manage to stump me for words! You are a sweetie and your heart is something special -the ‘CitterKids’ prove that. 🙂

    I love your mantra and outlook on life -who says dragons and unicorns do not exist! *tuts* What a scary thought 😉

    I too am hopeless at looking after plants (nearly killed a peace lily of all plants! Tell me about it); so I couldn’t imagine looking after orchids, you are doing a great job at it too it seems.

    What a great post, I’m glad tagging you helped with the blog-block. 🙂

    PS: You could not offend me in the slightest -too much of a kindred spirit for that. 😀

    • Awww! I don’t know what to say, Ozlem. You’re such a sweetheart in so many ways & I’m so grateful those pesky hornets brought us together. They do have a purpose, I suppose. 😉

      Oh I still can’t keep a peace lily alive. Forget that. *snickers* Go figure. I manage to find orchid magic but hand me something as ‘simple’ as a peace lily & it’s destined to be compost. *shakes head* What is that about? Maybe the squirrels do it. :-))

      Thanks for your compliment about the CritterKids. I really appreciate it. A lot of folks really do think that’s crazy, but if that’s crazy then count me in. 😉 One of these days I’m going to have to sit down & write some of their stories. We love them all so much, I used to work as a veterinary assistant, & I’m an only child so from the age of 10 until she passed away my ‘sister’ was a Samoyed dog, so I suppose the mentality that they’re family just comes naturally to me. 😀

      I’m glad you liked my 10 tidbits of randomness. It definitely helped clear my head. Between the page Mary Ann sent me about the different types of writer’s block, the writing process article Andy Wood blogged, & your idea of basically tell the world 10 random facts, I finally think I might be able to get back on a regular track again. I’m so grateful. 😀

      Big Squish Hugs From Across the Pond,


      P.S. I hoped I hadn’t offended you & realized right away that I hadn’t, but that self-doubt monster does like to step in & thrash around a bit first before I realize. That cretin’s gotta go. LOL!

  5. Hi Cari,
    Beautiful post – evocative and provocative indeed. Like you, I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a young child. I had a collection of fossils which I wrapped in tissue paper and kept in a shoebox under the bed. Wonder where they went…

    • Hi there, Georgia! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They truly mean a lot coming from a teacher such as yourself. It was actually my 1st grade teacher who helped that paleontology dream to flourish as, when we finally reached the unit on dinosaurs, she was having difficulty pronouncing some of the names & when I’d raise my hand to say something, she never discouraged me. As a matter of fact, she asked my Mom if it would be okay for her to let me ‘teach’ part of the dinosaur unit with her. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. This was quite some time prior to dinosaurs being the ‘in’ thing, so that teacher also referred my Mom to a shop called “The Teacher’s Store” in order to find more substantial dinosaur-related items for me. I may be the only person on the planet who actually cried on the last day of school, hugging both her teacher & her Mom at the same time–needing to go with Mom, but wanting to keep learning, as well. I will never forget that teacher & all that she did for me in allowing me an opportunity to shine when many teachers might’ve stifled a student for ‘correcting’ them.

      I, too, collected many fossils. I still do. Those that I’ve obtained since I got a house of my own are here, but I decided the best place for the ones I’d collected over the years as a child were best kept in the coffee table drawer that has been called ‘The Fossil Drawer’ for more years than I can even remember. That coffee table is at my parents’ home & I’m glad I left it with them because we now live quite some distance apart so it feels like there’s a piece of me there with them always.

      Blessed Be,

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