“Excelsior” Ever Upward! ~ Book Review

Please allow me to begin by saying what an honor & privilege it is to review “Excelsior” by George H. Sirois for the Indie Book Collective’s incredible Veteran’s Day event, Blog Tour de Troops. Would you, my wonderful readers, like to read “Excelsior” for free as well as have a copy sent to a soldier just for leaving a comment? What about nearly fifty free ebooks, giving you & our troops the chance to discover some new authors to love? Sound good? I thought you might like that. Details will follow my review of “Excelsior”.

On the surface, it may seem that “Excelsior” by George H. Sirois is simply going to be a fun read—one of those great little sci-fi gems to be enjoyed as an escape or distraction from everyday real life. While it is definitely one of those great little gems, with the usual good versus evil to save the world themes, I must forewarn you—the undercurrents of the basic overlying theme of “Excelsior” takes the reader far deeper than simple escapism. It is exciting, inspiring, intensely gripping, & even spiritual if one allows one’s self to feel it in the soul rather than simply reading it. The world of “Excelsior” grabs you & just doesn’t let go. I found myself glued to my Kindle, eagerly anticipating what might be just around the corner on that next page. The excitement & tension continue to ratchet up from beginning to end. To say this book had me breathless at times would be an understatement.

Through the journey of a young man about to graduate high school named Matthew, who’s a bit of a loner but is also just hitting his stride in publishing his ‘Excelsior’ comic book series online about the trials & tribulations of the beings on the planet Denab IV, the reader is shown that we all have amazing potential within ourselves. Whether we allow ourselves to fully unlock that inherent potential rather than fearing our own success & how it may change us is in our own hands. Sometimes, in life, we need to take a leap of faith in order to reach our full potential & accomplish all that we are capable of accomplishing.

Did I mention that this fabulous sci-fi novel also has a spiritual element to it? Yes, I did. However, I’m not the type of reader who likes having a book spoiled for them by a reviewer that goes into too much detail, but I will tell you this much—not only is Excelsior the name of a splendidly beautiful sword with a gemstone in the handle that contains the life force of a deity, Excelsior is also a person(s).

Another quality that makes “Excelsior” such an exceptional read is how Mr. Sirois manages to cleverly weave bits of laugh out loud humor into the seriously intense storyline—giving the reader a moment to breathe or possibly eat some leftover peet-za.

The characters are well-developed as is the plot. I can honestly say that I’d love to see this book transformed into a movie provided it’s directed by the right person who is capable of doing “Exclesior” the justice it deserves. I can already picture the characters, the galaxies, & all the special effects coming to life before my eyes. It would be amazing.

The fact that the main character, Matthew, is named in honor of a courageous soul in Mr. Sirois’ life makes “Excelsior” all the more exciting as well as poignant. I won’t lie to you. When I read the story of Matthew’s real life at the end of the book, there were tears sliding down my cheeks.

George Sirois ~ The Man Behind "Excelsior"

“George H. Sirois began creating his own characters in 1985 and has since written various short stories, screenplays and one-act plays. He co-wrote the book to “Halloween at Belvedere: A Monster Musical Adventure,” which was performed in New York City’s Central Park on Halloween weekend from 2002 – 2004. His first novel, “From Parts Unknown,” was published by iUniverse in 2002. He joined the pop culture web site 411Mania.com in 2004, writing over 100 news reports and 200 weekly columns, and contributing to the Movies Zone’s weekly podcast. A New Yorker always in his heart, he currently lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife.” ~excerpted from George’s official website~

You can visit George on his website, follow him on Twitter, & keep up with him on Facebook. You can also read an exciting excerpt from “Excelsior” here. I assure you, Mr. Sirois is definitely a delight to get to know.

Blog Tour de Troops gives you the opportunity to load up your eReaders with free eBooks simply by leaving a comment on the author’s website or the reviewer’s blog (be sure to include your email address for the blogger or author) a free ebook will also be sent to a soldier. What better way to support our troops this Veteran’s Day weekend? Starting Friday, November 11, 2011 through Monday, November 14, 2011 there will be about 50 ebooks featured during this special event. A different set of authors & books will be featured each day, so please be sure to make a point of visiting the Indie Book Collective’s blog all weekend to check out all the fabulous authors & bloggers. Anyone who comments here on my review or on George’s website during this event will receive a free ebook copy of “Excelsior” & so will a soldier.

Note: The Veteran’s Day Weekend Blog Tour de Troops is now over & the amazing results are in. Thanks to your comments over on George’s website, over 200 copies of “Excelsior” will be sent to the courageous men & women of the U.S. Armed Services. Why is this such wonderful news? Because the number one care package request from our troops is books! Thank you to the Indie Book Collective, all the authors, bloggers, & to you, the readers who left comments on websites throughout the tour, for helping make that number one care package request a reality for such a significant number of soldiers.

[Edited by Cari L. Pedstelak November 15, 2011 to share the wonderful news of the success of Blog Tour de Troops in honor of Veteran’s Day Weekend]

As always, your comments are both welcomed & appreciated. Blessed Be.


4 responses to ““Excelsior” Ever Upward! ~ Book Review

  1. Ar you Sirios? I mean really Sirios? LOL This was a great review and I’m so happy for George. He and I met a while back on Facebook. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more reviews.

    Daniel L Carter

  2. Oh I wish I saw this earlier! My own fault for being slow at checking out your awesome blog, Cari. Can I look forward to this next year?

    Blog Tour de Troops is a WONDERFUL concept and I am already in love with it (and it especially hits home for me, being married to a Marine and once living in a military town.) What could be better than an effort that supports soldiers, authors, and bloggers all at once?!

    Thank you so much for participating in this and sharing it with us.

  3. Great review, Cari! Excelsior was such a fun book to read. George’s inspiration behind the book is amazing, too. Glad you were a part of Blog Tour de Force. It was an wonderful event.

  4. The list of today’s Blog Tour de Troops authors is up now on the Indie Book Collective’s blog http://indiebookcollective.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/blog-tour-de-troops-veterans-day-day-1/

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