The Origin

Let me start by thanking my beloved friends & family members who have, thus far, been the only ones I’ve shared my writing with, who have all believed in me, & who have finally managed to encourage me to go public with the things I have to say. Whether they’ve agreed or disagreed with me, I can’t even think of a time in recent years when there hasn’t been at least one of them pushing me to share my ideas, thoughts, & opinions with the world. That time has come. I’m excited to begin this new chapter of my life & I am more grateful to them than they will ever know for their unfailing belief in me.

While I have a tendency to be a very fluid individual when it comes to my range of interests, there is one thing that has always remained constant. I am passionate about my personal beliefs & opinions. My fluidity of interests shows itself in my writing. My passion of the day may be sparked by a book I’ve read or am reading, current events, an email forwarded from a friend, a movie or television show that provoked more thought than simply watching for the sake of entertainment alone, a conversation with someone, or even something as seemingly frivolous as a game I’ve recently played. Whatever it is in my vast list of interests that has set my wheels turning, rest assured I have never been accused of being anything but a brutally honest woman when it comes to my opinions on the matter at hand.

Agree or disagree, I hope to inspire thought, conversation, & intelligent debate through which we can all evolve as human beings walking together on this journey called life. My wish is for you, my cherished & respected readers, to get to know me through my writing just as I hope to get to know all of you through your comments.


What are your thoughts?

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